Yearly Assistance Program

Lack of literacy and education is at the core of all major issues in Afghanistan. Only 28 percent of the entire Afghan population is 15 years and older is literate. 3.7 million, or 44 percent, of all school-age children are not attending school which is further exacerbated by the COVID-19 global pandemic.
HHRFTP is committed to promoting literacy and education in Afghanistan. One of the criteria for enrolling families into the Widow Sponsorship program is for them to agree to send their children to school. Additionally, the widows themselves are encouraged to participate in vocational training so they could learn a needed trade such as tailoring. The ultimate goal is to make these families self-sufficient.
In addition to the programs above, HHRFTP is proud to partner with the LEARN non-profit organization to promote e-Learning in Afghanistan, especially in rural areas that may not have access to schools.